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For the launch of satellites on the Breeze upper stage various types of mounting devices, called adapters and dispensers, are available. Their load carrying structure is bolted to the Breeze upper stage interface. On the satellite interface side the adapters or dispensers can have either a clamp band separation system or a point fixation system using a pyro-technically activated mechanical lock system. Dispensers are designed to receive multiple payloads on the same support structure. Thus, Rockot is able to comply with a wide variety of customer requirements.

The Breeze interface plane allows mounting of various types of customised dispensers and adapters for the launch of specific spacecraft. Depending on the number, shape and structure of the spacecraft either base-mounted or side-mounted versions will be used. As well as the separation system, the dispenser provides for electrical interfaces in order to connect electrical power supply, telemetry and command lines between the payload and the satellite electrical ground support equipment.

For example, the two GRACE satellites each with a mass of 500 kg used a custom-built Multi-Satellite-Dispenser (MSD) made of aluminium fixed on the BREEZE upper stage. The GRACE satellites were accommodated on the MSD in a side mounted position. After the specified orbit was reached, the two satellites were released simultaneously in opposing directions. The MSD itself was fitted with the Russian mechanical lock system using point attachments. This system has also been used on the Iridium mission, fixing the two satellites base-mounted on the separation plane. The clamp band system CRSS has been successfully introduced on the SERVIS-1 mission in October 2003 and was also used on the Korean KOMPSAT-2 mission in July 2006 and the GOCE and SMOS missions for ESA in 2009. These separation systems can be applied to all future missions without major modifications.