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Eurockot Launch Services - Europe's Provider of Launch Services for Low Earth Orbit Satellites.

Eurockot Launch Services GmbH, the joint venture of ArianeGroup (51%) and Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Centre (49%) provides commercial launch services to operators of LEO (low earth orbit) satellites using the Russian Rockot launch system.

Eurockot acts as the interface to the market and is the contractual partner of the customer providing a comprehensive service at a fixed price. Eurockot's business focus aims at providing launch services for LEO observation, scientific and communication missions. In addition, Eurockot is offering a launch capability to address earth escape and deep space missions by using an additional kick-stage attached to the spacecraft.

The three-stage Rockot is derived from the Russian SS-19 ICBM and uses the re-ignitable Breeze-KM upper stage for precise orbit injections of small and medium-sized spacecraft weighing up to 2000 kilograms into sun-synchronous, near polar and highly inclined orbits from its launch site at Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia. Rockot has seen a substantial investment into its launch facilities. This was undertaken by Astrium (now integrated into ArianeGroup) in the late nineties at a total volume of some Euro 45 million.

Eurockot has performed different successful launches with single, dual and multiple payloads into polar and sun-synchronous orbits for commercial and institutional customers in Europe, USA, Japan, Canada and the Republic of Korea. Eurockot performed five successful launches for the ESA, namely GOCE in March 2009, SMOS together with PROBA-2 in November 2009, the joint launch of three Swarm satellites in November 2013, the Sentinel-3A satellite in February 2016 and the Sentinel-5p satellite in October 2017.

The next mission on the manifest of Eurockot is Sentinel-3B  from the Copernicus Sentinel range of satellites.