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Eurockot´s First Mission for the Republic of Korea

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) of Daejon, Republic of Korea, and Eurockot Launch Services of Bremen, Germany, signed a contract in October 2002 covering the launch services for the Korean KOMPSAT-2 earth observation satellite. KOMPSAT-2 was launched on 28 July 2006 using the Rockot launch vehicle from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia. The selection of Eurockot followed an international launch competition by KARI. Rockot deployed the satellite, which has a mass of approximately 800 kg into a circular sun-synchronous orbit of 685 km altitude. This is the fourth launch contract for Eurockot in the Far East.

As well as having developed the KOrean MultiPurposeSATellite KOMPSAT-2, KARI also acted as the system integrator for this programme. KOMPSAT-2 provides multi-spectral, high resolution images for earth observation. Other international partners in the programme include EADS Astrium GmbH of Friedrichshafen, Germany, who supplied components and support services.

Eurockot Launch Service for KOMPSAT-2

The following items are parts of the launch contract:

A complete infrastructure for spacecraft fuelling in class 10 000 environment/Fuelling will be performed by the EADS ST subsidiary based in Lampoldshausen, Germany.

 KOMPSAT-2 Mission Characteristics