www.eurockot.com, 01/19/2022

Mission Control Center

Due to customer demand and in particular for safety considerations Eurockot has set-up a remote Mission Control Center (MCC) some 30 km away from the launch pad. This reflects the current best practice at other launch sites around the world.

Typically during the final countdown, the customer satellite manager, together with the Eurockot mission manager and Khrunichev project manager sit together in the MCC. Here, a modern communications infrastructure is provided, e.g. video and audio coverage from the launch pad area in real time, online communication with customer facilities world-wide via e-mail, fax and voice communication, to name a few. Large-size displays show mission data such as ascent and orbital parameters, ground track, ground visibility, centre of gravity motion and special events as fairing or satellite separation. Launch Countdown and Universal Time (UTC) are also provided on a display in the MCC. From this location the customer operates a Go/No-Go-System to abort the launch in case of problems on the satellite/ customer side.