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The main goal of logistics is to provide for the safe and timely transport of spacecraft, ground support equipment and customer personnel from the customer's facility to Eurockot's facilities in Plesetsk Cosmodrome. Eurockot prides itself in offering a thoroughly proven transportation route to potential customers. All transportation logistics offered by Eurockot have been thoroughly qualified, through a dedicated pathfinder dry run transport campaign to test all procedures and methods used as well as characterising the mechanical load environments. Furthermore, the experience and lessons learned through the many Eurockot campaigns that have been conducted will be applied to future customers.

To achieve customer satisfaction, Eurockot offers a transportation flow tailored to the customer requirements. It is logistically as easy to ship a customer's spacecraft and equipment to Plesetsk as to any other launch site in the world. For European customers, Plesetsk is in fact far less remote than all other launch sites, being the closest orbital launch site to Western Europe.

The nominal method of entry to Russia is by air. Freighter aircraft such as the large transport aircraft Antonov AN-124 can be used for direct flights to Archangel Airport, the preferred Russian port-of-entry. Outsized equipment or hazardous cargoes which cannot be airlifted can be shipped to the international port of Archangel. Once the spacecraft has cleared customs at the airport, Eurockot takes over the responsibility for transportation of the spacecraft and equipment from here (and back after the campaign) to Eurockot's facilities in Plesetsk.

The transport of the spacecraft and its equipment until entry into Russia including customs clearance is the responsibility of the customer, but is fully supported by Eurockot which has excellent relations with the airport authorities. Customs clearance is typically completed within a few hours. The subsequent transport to the launch site is undertaken in several stages. Firstly the customer freight is transferred to trucks, which are driven at low speed to the railway head some 10 km from the airport. The customer containers are re-loaded onto the train for an overnight low speed train ride to Plesetsk Cosmodrome. At the Cosmodrome, the cargo is transferred to the internal launch site rail system for transfer directly to Eurockot's facilities. Starting in 2012 Eurockot also plans to enable air transport of spacecraft and ground support equipment directly into the airport of the cosmodrome, provided the spacecraft and ground support equipment container do not exceed the dimensions of a 20" standard container, acceptable for an IL-76 aircraft.

Transport for customer personnel is available between Moscow and Plesetsk and is arranged by Eurockot. It either takes the form of air travel in a chartered, short haul jet aircraft (e.g. Yak 40) or by train. Flight time from Moscow to Plesetsk (Pero Airfield) or back is about 2 hours. Taking the train is an alternative and cheaper mode of travel and provides travel flexibility especially for small groups. A daily service is available and Plesetsk is reached from Moscow (and vice versa) by an overnight service equipped with sleeper carriages.