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Eurockot through Khrunichev is responsible for the preparation of the launch and combined operations. The Russian Space Forces conduct the Rockot launch operations as subcontractor to Eurockot/Khrunichev.

After the performance of all electrical check-out operations and the telemetry readiness check on the launch day, the final state commission meets to decide about launch and the start of count-down. Approximately one hour before launch the management of the customer, Eurockot and Khrunichev will be accommodated in the remote Mission Control Centre (MCC), where all required data will be displayed. The MCC is in direct contact with the launch control centre of the Russian Military Space Forces. The customer's launch operations personnel may stay in Eurockot's processing facility for the launch. At the MCC the go/no-go status for readiness of the spacecraft can be commanded.

Automatic computer controlled countdown begins some 30 minutes before lift-off. About 10 minutes before launch the service tower doors are opened and some minutes later, the tower is rolled back. Environmental control and umbilical connection to the spacecraft is maintained until shortly before lift-off. The launcher is switched over to its internal systems about 14 seconds before lift-off. The four first stage main engines are ignited 11s later resulting in lift-off some 2 1/2 seconds later.

The Rockot booster was designed as a military rocket, enabling long term storage in a high status of readiness. In case of postponed launches the launch vehicle, payload and ground facilities will be kept in count-down hold configuration. During this delay the launch vehicle will remain fuelled on the launch table. Air-conditioning of the spacecraft is provided.