www.eurockot.com, 11/30/2021

Integration Hall

The Heart of Customer Activities

Eurockot's integration and payload processing facility MIK is located within 3 km of the Rockot launch pad area. The MIK is equipped for acceptance, storage, assembly and check-out of the Rockot booster stages, Breeze upper stage and fairing, as well as for the launch campaign processing of spacecraft including spacecraft operations, fuelling and mating with the upper stage. The facility comprises of a common work area of 500 m2 for offloading/loading, container cleaning and storage as well as a separate clean room area which is itself split into three separate areas. The first clean room area is a hardware airlock with a 54 m2 area. The second area is a clean room bay with 146 m2 floor space where satellite mating and encapsulation to the Breeze upper stage is performed. The third area with 180 m2 floor space is for the dedicated use of the customer. This is used for customer spacecraft processing and is also equipped for spacecraft fuelling operations. Adjacent to this clean room and connected by cable feedthroughs and a blast proof viewing window is the EGSE room in which customers can install spacecraft EGSE as well as monitor fuelling operations from outside the clean area. All the clean rooms are equipped with modern equipment to provide humidity and temperature controlled clean environment for the launch campaign. The cleanliness is typically operated to Class 100,000, but can be operated upon customer request to Class 10,000. All clean room areas are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies.

Previous campaigns in these facilities have included processing of complex scientific, communication and technology satellites and have included both cold gas and hydrazine fuelling operations. Multiple spacecraft processing has also been carried such as two spacecraft in parallel and eight spacecraft in series.

The administrative area with offices and monitoring room for the customer, Eurockot and Khrunichev, is located on the 2nd floor of the MIK. Access to the customer office area is provided via the common MIK entrance or through a separate staircase within the customer's perimeter. Lockable doors secure the entrance to the corridor of this area.

Within the MIK the customer has their own dedicated area with exclusive and sole access and security control. Video observation of the clean room area and the under table room at the launch pad – which also is under customer security control – can be handled from the customer security office.