www.eurockot.com, 11/30/2021

Launch Services

The prime responsibility of Eurockot is centred upon the launch contract held with its customer. In that respect, Eurockot performs the roles of marketing and acquisition with the aim of concluding a launch contract with the customer and subsequently fulfilling its contractual obligation to perform the launch as agreed with the customer. In both cases, Eurockot is the responsible interface to the customer and their contractual partner.

Eurockot converts this launch contract into a sub-contract to Khrunichev Space Center, its Russian parent company, to provide the launch vehicle, perform the launch campaign and carry-out the actual launch as specified in the contract between Eurockot and its customer.

The contractual obligations of Eurockot towards the customer are summarised in the following:

If so required, Eurockot will also provide a comprehensive range of services varying from public relations support, launch risk coverage arrangements to providing hotel accommodation, air transport arrangements, medical support and social services for customer personnel during a launch campaign.