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Performance / Launch Profiles

Performance 1:
Question: What is the maximum launch capability of Rockot?
Answer: Around 2 metric tonnes into a low earth orbit inclined at 63 degrees. For precise information, refer to the User's Guide, chapter 3.

Performance 2:
Question: What reserves are included in the performance diagrams?
Answer: The performance quoted within the Rockot User's Guide performance diagrams is generic in nature. In many cases performance above and beyond these figures can be guaranteed. However this is subject to a dedicated mission analysis to confirm this. Therefore, Eurockot encourages potential customers to have their missions checked at an early stage.

Launch Corridors/ Azimuths:
Question: What are the standard launch corridors and azimuths for the Rockot launch vehicle?
Answer: The standard launch corridors and azimuths for the Rockot vehicle can be found within the Rockot User's Guide, chapter 3.

Power Supply:
Question: Can on-board power supply be provided to the satellite during injection?
Answer: In principle yes. Voltages and battery capacity need to be agreed.

Spacecraft on during Launch:
Question: Is it possible to operate SC on-board equipment during injection phase?
Answer: Yes, in principle this is possible. However to confirm this, a detailed Radio Frequency analysis needs to be undertaken.

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