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Mission Management

Question: In which language do we communicate, who provides interpretation and translation of documents?
Answer: The contractual language at Eurockot is English. This means all contractual documents such as the launch services agreement, statement of work, requirements documents as well as technical documents such as the Interface Control Document, reports, and review packages will be provided in the English language to the customer. Also for all meetings with the customer inside or outside of Russia and including the launch campaign, interpreters will be provided (and costs borne by Eurockot) for these activities as part of our standard service.

Question: Are launch vehicle and Cosmodrome safety requirements compatible with western safety regulations and standards requirements?
Answer: It is difficult to provide a blanket statement, suffice to say that a similar safety staged approvals process will be undertaken by Eurockot with the customer to satisfy Russian safety standards. Such a process is described within the Rockot User's Guide chapter 9 and the Eurockot safety handbook.

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