www.eurockot.com, 11/30/2021

Launch Site and Operations

Launches per year:
Question: How many launches of Rockot per year could be carried out from Plesetsk?
Answer: The usual launch frequency of Eurockot is 1-2 launches per year. Higher frequencies are possible, but need to be clarified.

Question: What are the main climate and weather conditions in Northern Russia?
Answer: The climate in Plesetsk is best characterised as continental, with cold winters and hot summers. In the winter months the temperature can drop as low as 30 deg. C or more below zero. Summers are hot with temperatures above 30 deg. C. For more information please refer to the Rockot User's Guide.

Question: Who is responsible for SC fuelling?
Answer: The spacecraft contractor/customer is generally responsible for spacecraft fuelling. Eurockot provides facilities to fuel hydrazine spacecraft and can also provide fuelling services optionally through Astrium.

Launch Site Power Supplies:
Question: Which Power supply can be provided at the launch site?
Answer: Both European 50 Hz, 230 VAC as well as USA 60 Hz, 110 VAC supplies can be provided, including uninterruptible power supplies. More information can be found in the Rockot User's Guide.

Question: Which is the main transportation scenario? Who takes the responsibility at which phase?
Answer: Typically, customers have the spacecraft flown to Archangel Airport which serves as the Russian port-of-entry. After unloading, it is within Eurockot's responsibility to deliver this hardware to its payload processing facility in Plesetsk. This is done by truck from the airport to the railway and then by railway to Plesetsk, which is located some 200 km southwards of Archangel.

Starting in 2012 Eurockot also plans to enable air transport of spacecraft and ground support equipment directly into the airport of the cosmodrome, provided the spacecraft and ground support equipment container do not exceed the dimensions of a 20" standard container, acceptable for an IL-76 aircraft.