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Launch Environment

Loads 1:
Question: How much more are the loads during the launch out of silo than from the open pad?
Answer: Rockot is launched above ground and not from a silo. This brings significant benefits especially in acoustic noise and results in a significantly lower overall sound pressure level, which enables Rockot to have a very low acoustic field. It should be noted, due to extensive instrumentation with every Eurockot operated launch, such acoustic loads are measured and evaluated in detail.

Loads 2:
Question: Loads / environment to which the spacecraft is subjected?
Answer: The loads and environments to which the customer spacecraft is subjected are provided in detail within chapter 5 of the Rockot user guide. It should be noted, that these values are not estimates or projections, but based upon extensive flight measurement and evaluation.

Question: To what temperature and humidity is the spacecraft subjected to during the launch campaign?
Answer: All customer spacecraft are provided a temperature and humidity controlled environment from processing all the way up to lift-off. Eurockot has invested much time and effort to provide state-of-the-art world standard facilities and procedures to enable these requirements to be met. Specific values for can be found within the Rockot User's Guide, chapter 5.

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