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Clearances 1:
Question: What is the standard nominal clearance between a customer spacecraft and launch vehicle fairing?
Answer: The answer to this can be found within the Rockot User's Guide section 4.1.2.

Clearances 2:
Question: What is the definition of static usable envelope for the spacecraft?
Answer: The envelope supplied in the Rockot User's Guide and also available electronically in an IGES format provides the envelope for the spacecraft static envelope. Allowances are made for other factors, e.g. dynamic movements, positioning error etc.

Clearances 3:
Question: Is it possible to accommodate spacecraft that exceed the usable payload envelope, i.e. overlap the useable volume?
Answer: In certain cases spacecraft larger than the allowable envelope may be accommodated, either by issuing a waiver and hence reducing the guaranteed clearances or by locally modifying the fairing. In the first case, the clearances will only be relaxed and waived when a detailed clearance analysis is undertaken. In the latter case, it is often possible to locally modify the fairing quite easily, for instance by moving certain instrumentation, making cut-outs in the thermal insulation etc, etc. Such measures have been undertaken with success in previous customers.

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