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Commercial / Financial / Insurance

Our Prices:
Question: What is the price for a Rockot launch?
Answer: A price estimate can be obtained from Eurockot upon a formal request for information/proposal stating your mission requirements and background data. The price quoted by Eurockot is not just for the launch itself, but a complete launch service package, which includes all the necessary services and hardware to perform a launch including mission management, integration analyses etc.

Third Party Launch Insurance:
Question: Does Eurockot include insurance coverage in their standard Launch Service Agreements?
Answer: Yes, third party launch insurance is included. It covers the period from lift-off until 12 months afterwards at a sum of 100 million Euro.

Liability at the Launch Site during the Campaign:
Question: Who is liable for what during the launch campaign?
Answer: A cross waiver of liability is implemented during the launch campaign between all parties involved.

Importation / Duties:

Question: Does the customer have to pay import duties when importing the satellite and hardware to Russia for the launch.
Answer: No. The spacecraft and its equipment are imported as a temporary import, thus avoiding import duties. Eurockot assists the customer with all its necessary paperwork in good time, such that the import process is conducted in a smooth and efficient manner.

Shared Launches:
Question: Do we offer shared launches?
Answer: Owing to the relative high mass and dimensions of the spacecraft Eurockot typically launches, secondary passengers can only be accommodated in exceptional cases.

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