www.eurockot.com, 05/13/2021

Swarm Mission

Daily 36 (L-20)

After the successful installation of the Rockot booster unit to the launch pad the operations continue in the integration facility […]

Daily 35 (L-21)

Today very important milestones for the Rockot launch vehicle preparation have been accomplished. This includes the transfer of the booster […]

Daily 34 (L-22)

At Eurockot’s launch site in the Plesetsk Cosmodrome the Swarm launch campaign today continues with the dry-run of the launch […]

Daily 33 (L-23)

During this weekend electrical checkouts of the launch vehicle are conducted to prepare the launch of the three Swarm satellites. […]

Daily 32 (L-24)

The Swarm launch campaign continues at Eurockot’s launch site in Northern Russia with preparations to transport the booster unit to […]