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Swarm Mission

Swarm Launch from Plesetsk on 22 November 2013

The new launch date for the ESA’s Magnetic Field Mission, originally scheduled for 14 November, is confirmed for 22 November […]

Daily 50

Today the ESA and Astrium teams switched on the SWARM satellite FM3 and successfully checked the electrical components of the […]

Daily 49

Today the 3rd and last SWARM satellite (FM 3) was successfully mounted on the launch vehicle adapter system. In cleanroom […]

Daily 48

The SWARM spacecraft flight model 2 was successfully electrically checked in 101A. At the same time the Breeze-KM upper stage […]

Daily 47

While the ESA, Astrium and Eurockot teams had a day off, the upper stage Breeze-KM together with the first two […]