www.eurockot.com, 05/13/2021

Swarm Mission

Daily 55 (L-12)

While the Upper Stage was filled with compressed gases  today, the payload fairing was prepared in 101B. Several meetings and […]

Daily 54 (L-13)

Today all parties used the time for several preparation meetings for example for back transportation and movement of the electrical […]

Daily 53 (Day Off)

While the Breeze-KM upper stage has been fuelled this weekend, the Swarm spacecraft team went to Archangelsk to enjoy local […]

Daily 52 (L-14)

Today the lifting device for the adapter system was installed in the cleanroom 101A so that in the evening the […]

Daily 51 (L-15)

On this Thursday morning in the cleanroom 101A, some remaining parts of Multi Layer Insulation (MLI) were installed on the […]