www.eurockot.com, 11/30/2021

Sentinel-5P Mission

Rockot Fully Integrated on Plesetsk Launch Pad 14П25

Yesterday at the crack of dawn, the Rockot Ascent Unit (i.e., the Breeze-KM Upper Stage and the Sentinel-5p spacecraft, integrated […]

Sentinel-5p, Enjoy the Ride – Campaign Team Wishes will be Carried into Space

It is a nice tradition for Eurockot launches from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome: Once the payload fairing of the Rockot has […]

Last Glimpse at Sentinel-5p: Encapsulation of Satellite inside the Rockot Ascent Unit

After a successful mating of the Sentinel-5p spacecraft onto the Breeze-KM yesterday, the so-called Ascent Unit was assembled today. The […]

“Sentinel-5p on Rockot” in Effect: Satellite Mounted on Upper Stage

On the third working day into Joint Operations, the Sentinel-5p spacecraft together with the launch vehicle adapter was mounted onto […]

Mating of Sentinel-5p with Rockot Launch Vehicle Started

Following successful stand-alone testing of both, the Sentinel-5p spacecraft and the Rockot launcher, which led into fueling of both vehicles, […]