www.eurockot.com, 11/30/2021

Sentinel-3A Mission

Functional Testing Completed – Preparing for the Holidays

The Sentinel-3A satellite successfully passed the functional test series which kept the spacecraft team busy for the past two weeks. […]

Launch Vehicle Dry Run – Testing the roll-out before taking Sentinel-3A onboard

The Breeze-KM upper stage has been equipped with the payload fairing; however without enclosing the Sentinel-3A spacecraft. The purpose of […]

Going to the Launch Pad

A part of the satellite’s electronic ground support equipment was carried today into the Undertable Room, a vault directly underneath […]

Rockot Launch Vehicle and Sentinel-3A Undergo Extensive Testing

So far, the Sentinel-3A satellite and the launch vehicle components, Rockot’s upper stage Breeze-KM and the payload fairing, are being […]

Sentinel-3A satellite and Launch Vehicle Check-Outs Started

After arrival at the Rockot integration facility (MIK), the Sentinel-3A satellite was unloaded from its transport container and erected in […]