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LISA Pathfinder Separation Test Successful

The Launcher Adapter for the ESA LISA Pathfinder Mission was tested mechanically and separated successfully on the 30th of October […]

Rockot Successfully Launched 4 Russian Satellites

On May 23, 2008 at 19:20 h local time a Rockot launch vehicle with a Breeze-KM upper stage successfully launched […]

Rockot Successfully Launches KOMPSAT-2

Bremen/Plesetsk, 28th July 2006: Eurockot Launch Services GmbH successfully launched the Korean KOMPSAT-2 satellite today at 07:05 hrs am UTC […]

Russian Monitor-E Spacecraft Successfully Launched on Rockot

A Rockot KM launch vehicle successfully placed the 750 kg Russian Monitor-E spacecraft into the correct 97.5 deg Sun-Synchronous Orbit […]

Rockot Successfully Launches 8 Satellites into Different Orbits

Bremen / Plesetsk, 30 June 2003: Eurockot Launch Services GmbH of Bremen, Germany, today performed a technically challenging mission with […]