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Russian Federal Launch Marks Rockot Return To Flight

Following the decision by the Russian State Commission to return Rockot to flight after the failed injection of the GEO-IK2 […]

ESA contracts Eurockot for two Sentinel Launches

Prof. Dr. Volker Liebig (left), Senator Martin Günthner (middle) and Dr. Matthias Oehm (right) Bremen, 09 February 2012: The Earth […]

Rockot User’s Guide Issue 5 Released

It is our pleasure to present issue 5 of the EUROCKOT User’s Guide in succession to issue 4 which was […]

Russian Military Satellite placed in Wrong Orbit by Rockot

The Russian military GEO-IK2 satellite launched on February 1, 2011 on a Rockot/Breeze-KM launch vehicle from Plesetsk Cosmodrome was placed […]

Rockot Successfully Launches Japanese SERVIS-2 Satellite

We announce the successful launch of the SERVIS-2 satellite at 01.59 h UTC from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia using […]