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Sentinel-5p Passes Successfully Design Qualification Review for Launch on Rockot

After a successful fit-check with the launch vehicle adapter and separation test, the Sentinel-5p mission has passed another program milestone […]

Rockot orbits European Copernicus Satellite Sentinel-3A successfully

Eurockot successfully launched the Sentinel-3A satellite today at 20:57 hrs local time (17:57 hrs UTC) from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern […]

Fit-Check and Release Shock Test Successfully Passed: First Mating of Sentinel-5p Satellite on the Rockot Launch Vehicle Adapter

The launch service for European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5p satellite on the Rockot launch vehicle reached an important project milestone during […]

Sentinel-3A Launch Campaign Commenced

The launch campaign for Sentinel-3A which is the next satellite of the European Commission’s Copernicus environmental monitoring programme has meanwhile […]

Rockot Orbits Three Russian Satellites Successfully

Following an early morning launch from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia at 01.00 hrs. a.m. local time on Thursday, September […]