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Sentinel-5p Making a Big Entrance at Archangelsk

Today marks "Day One" of the "Sentinel-5p on Rockot" launch campaign. After a nightly stop-over for customs clearance in Moscow, the giant Antonov-124 aircraft with the Sentinel-5p satellite on board appeared in the blue skies over Archangelsk and touched down at Talagi airport at 10:30 local time. A delegation of ESA, Airbus Defence and Space, Eurockot and Khrunichev welcomed the spacecraft team in Northern Russia on a sunny late-summer day.

During the hours to follow, the complete cargo bay of the Antonov aircraft was re-loaded onto trucks for further transportation to Archangelsk rail yard – at minimum speed to protect the delicate freight. Once on the loading ramp, the containers housing the satellite and its engineering equipment were hoisted onto rail cars.

Thanks to our partners from Khrunichev, Airbus Defence and Space and the railway authorities, the entire transshipment was completed in less than eight hours. The dedicated Sentinel-5p train is now on its way to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome with record-breaking slowness. Although only some 250 km away, the train will spend almost ten hours to reach its destination tomorrow morning – again for the sake of pampering the spacecraft.


Eurockot at Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites 2014, 2 – 7 August, 2014, Logan UT, USA

Tuesday, August 5, 2014, at 11:30, Session IV "From Earth to Orbit".

Eurockot presented the paper "Individual Adapter Solutions for Multi-Spacecraft Launches on Rockot".

Eurockot at Space Access Conference, 9-11 April, 2014, Paris

Friday April 11, 2014, 16:00 – 16:30, Session 10.

Eurockot presented the paper "Orbiting Satellites Constellations - The Proven Rockot Small Launcher".



Swarm Launch Vehicle Adapter Successfully Tested

In preparation for ESA's upcoming Swarm magnetic field mission to be launched by Eurockot, a further important milestone has been successfully passed at Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center in Moscow. In the presence of the customer, the European Space Agency, the launch vehicle adapter separation test was successfully performed on May 24 and 25 for all three Swarm satellites. This device serves as interface between the three Swarm satellites and the Breeze KM upper stage of Rockot. The test verified the design and functionality of the adapter which was specifically designed for the highly complex simultaneous in-orbit release of the three spacecraft. For the launch vehicle adapter this was already the second test in its short life time concluding the adapter qualification test campaign. In March of this year the so called "Fit Check" was performed with the Swarm satellites flight hardware at the test centre of IABG in Munich. While the first test was focussed on the mechanical fit of flight satellites with flight adapter and the determination of the shock loads to be expected during spacecraft separation, this second test used accurate satellite dummies and a complex test arrangement to simulate the in-orbit separation dynamics under zero gravity conditions. The test results proved a nominal behaviour of the adapter mechanisms according to the design specification which was expected with eagerness by all project participants. With this important project milestone accomplished, the European Space Agency, Eurockot and its partner Khrunichev are one step further to the launch of ESA's mission later this year.

Russian Federal Launch Marks Rockot Return To Flight

Following the decision by the Russian State Commission to return Rockot to flight after the failed injection of the GEO-IK2 satellite on February 01, 2011, the preparation of the Rockot launcher as well as the two Russian spacecraft "Gonez-M" and "MiR" for their launch has started at Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The return-to-flight of Rockot is now planned for July 2012. This will be the first Rockot launch in 2012.