www.eurockot.com, 01/19/2022

Sentinel-3B Fairing Encapsulation

Yesterday every red tag item of the Sentinel-3B spacecraft was removed. These items covered the spacecraft instruments and parts during ground operations, like for example covers, safety pins or plates. This is a very important operation because the team should be sure that no item will be forgotten. That can eventually spoil the mission in space. After that operation a picture of the Sentinel-3B team was taken.

Then in the afternoon the fairing halves were brought in place for the last clearance check. Everything went fine so at the end of the day both fairing halves were finally closed.

The satellite is now encapsulated in the fairing and the mechanical work of the spacecraft team is done. This was a special moment for all members of the team, where the spacecraft team said goodbye to Sentinel-3B. Several years of work on the satellite are over now and the satellite is handed over to the Russian/ German Rockot Launch Vehicle team.