www.eurockot.com, 01/19/2022

Rockot Upper Stage Breeze-KM with Payload Fairing Ready for Fit-Check

While the spacecraft team is continuing the functional checks on the satellite, the operations related to the mechanical integration of the launch vehicle are undergoing a dry-run.

For this purpose the two payload fairing halves were mounted on top of the upper stage. Subsequently protected with a plastic cover this composite is now waiting for its transfer into the adjacent General Hall. After electrical checks it will prepared for transport by train to the launch pad. At the launch pad it will be lifted on top of the booster unit which is in vertical position already installed into the launch tower.

After successful completion of the dry-run this composite goes back to the MIK integration hall in order to 'pick-up' the satellite. But until then there are still a lot of launch preparation activities on both launcher and spacecraft side to be accomplished including propellant loading.