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Rockot User’s Guide Issue 5 Released

It is our pleasure to present issue 5 of the EUROCKOT User's Guide in succession to issue 4 which was published in 2004.

This new issue of the Rockot User's Guide is intended to completely replace the previous version of the Rockot User's Guide Issue 4, Revision 0. EUROCKOT has now conducted 10 commercial launches and successfully injected 20 spacecraft into orbit. The Rockot Launch System described herein is therefore fully operational and is a major player in the market of small launchers. All aspects of our launch services from mission management and analyses, importation of spacecraft, launch campaign through to lift-off and spacecraft separation using a variety of flight proven adapter and separation systems have been demonstrated successfully.

Furthermore, Eurockot could increase the Rockot mass performance incrementally during the recent years - depending on the specific orbit, in total by about 200 kg - mainly by mass improvements of the upper stage. In parallel the portfolio of flight qualified mechanical interfaces to the spacecraft, namely adapters and separation systems were increased during the last missions for a wide variety of Customers including both commercial and institutional and for scientific and commercial satellites since the last issue of the User's Guide.

The User's Guide has been updated to reflect all the technical and service improvements that have been obtained through working with our previous and existing customers.

The User's Guide was designed to serve you as an initial reference and we invite you to address us to verify your findings and with any enquiry you may have - you will be served with a quick response.

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