www.eurockot.com, 09/21/2018


The Russian launch system Rockot is perfectly tailored to payloads requiring a performance of at least 1,950 kg for launches into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The three-stage liquid fuelled rocket has a spacious payload compartment allowing large size satellites to be accommodated. A wide of choice of off-the-shelf and customised payload adapters and dispensers is available to meet specific customer wishes. Both Russian and West European satellite separation systems have been implemented successfully on Rockot.

Rockot launches are performed from dedicated launch facilities at Plesetsk Cosmodrome where Eurockot has made a substantial financial investment. This investment not only allows for the provision of high quality facilities by Eurockot in Plesetsk but also helps mitigate the decay of existing infrastructure due to lack of investment and therefore helps maintain the historic reliability of the Rockot launch system.