www.eurockot.com, 03/20/2019

Swarm Mission

Daily 6 (L-47)

Though today is Sunday, nevertheless the launch campaign activities were going on. Today the container with the last satellite, the […]

Daily 5 (L-48)

Today the work at MIK has been continued. The Astrium experts performed installation of electrical and mechanical ground support equipment. Meanwhile, […]

Daily 4 (L-49)

The second of three Swarm satellites with its ground support equipment has arrived in good shape at the Rockot integration […]

Daily 3 (L-50)

Today Swarm No.2 and its GSE arrived in Plesetsk Cosmodrome by IL-76 cargo plane from Munich. After landing the containers […]

Daily 2 (L-51)

After the first Swarm spacecraft container and two GSE containers were offloaded from the trucks in the MIK yesterday, the […]