www.eurockot.com, 03/20/2019

Swarm Mission

Daily 11 (L-42)

The day at MIK started with Freon loading of the Swarm No. 3 (see Fig.1). In parallel to this activity, […]

Daily 10 (L-43)

While the SWARM spacecraft flight model 2 was prepared for hoisting in 101A (see figure 1), the SWARM spacecraft flight […]

D 9 (L-44)

Today, on September 25, the weather has broken in Plesetsk: the winter has arrived.         In MIK the […]

Daily 8 (L-45)

The working day in Plesetsk started with the installation and preparation of the fuelling equipment.  The fuelling of the first […]

Daily 7 (L-46)

After the arrival of the SC fueling team from Astrium UK yesterday, the unloading of the container with the fuelling […]