www.eurockot.com, 03/20/2019

Swarm Mission

Daily 16 (L-38)

Yesterday evening the three Swarm satellites were rearranged in the cleanrooms. The freon loaded Swarm No.1 was moved in 101A […]

Daily 15 (L-39)

Fuelling continued in Hall 101B. The spacecraft undergo thorough checkout of its systems before and after fuelling. For this purpose the […]

Daily 14 (L-40)

Today, the three Swarm spacecraft underwent different treatments. The battery of spacecraft No. 1 was charged. A functional test was […]

Daily 13 (Day Off)

Today, Sunday is the first Sunday off since the beginning of the Launch Campaign. The weather was cold, about 0°C […]

Daily 12 (L-41)

Today the Freon loading of the Swarm satellite No. 3 was continued. For safety reasons only a minimum number of […]