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Swarm Launch from Plesetsk on 22 November 2013

The new launch date for the ESA’s Magnetic Field Mission, originally scheduled for 14 November, is confirmed for 22 November […]

The Launch of ESA’s Magnetic Field Mission from Plesetsk, Russia, has been postponed.

Following the decision to replace a unit in the Breeze upper stage of the Rockot launcher, the launch of ESA’s […]

Swarm Launch Campaign Started

The launch campaign for the three Swarm satellites  Eurockot will launch for the European Space Agency started today when the […]

Rockot Launches 3 Russian Gonets-D1M Satellites Successfully

On September 11, 2013 at 23.23 hrs UTC, a Rockot launcher successfully deployed 3 Russian government Gonets-D1M satellites into an […]

Rockot Places Three Russian Satellites into Orbit

On January 15, 2013 a Rockot launch vehicle using a Breeze-KM upper stage successfully launched three military communication satellites into […]