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Daily News

Upper Composite Transferred to the Launch Pad

Today the space head (Upper Composite) was transferred from the MIK (processing facility) to the launch pad where it was […]

Upper Composite Being Readied for Transfer to the Launch Pad

Yesterday the encapsulation of the fairing was finalized and the fairing mission logos glued on the fairing. At the end […]

Sentinel-3B Fairing Encapsulation

Yesterday every red tag item of the Sentinel-3B spacecraft was removed. These items covered the spacecraft instruments and parts during […]

Sentinel-3B Mounted onto Breeze-KM Upper Stage

Yesterday the Sentinel-3B together with the launcher adapter was hoisted onto the Breeze-KM upper stage. As both the satellite and […]

Sentinel-3B is Ready to be Mated onto the Breeze-KM Upper Stage

Yesterday the Sentinel 3B spacecraft mated with the launch vehicle adapter was hoisted and transferred to the railcar dolly. Today […]